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    Vanadyl oxalate
    Products name:   Vanadyl oxalate
    Product category :   Catalyst
    CAS NO.:   15500-04-6

    Product name: Vanadyl oxalate
    CAS NO: 15500-04-6
    Chemical name: Vanadyl Oxalate N-Hydrate
    Molecular weight: 245.02
    Molecular formula: VOC2O4·5H2O 
    Physical and chemical properties: This product is a blue powdery crystal, soluble in water, soluble in dilute acidHeated to 350 ℃ above and happen decomposition into VO2.
    Its solution is dark blue; according to customer requirements , we can offer specified concentration; usually content of vanadyl oxalate is 14.5 to 21.7 %,, converted into V2O5 content is 100-150g / L.
    High pure products
    Premium grade
    Blue solution
    Blue solution
    Potassium (K) (%)
    Copper (Cu) (%)
    Iron (Fe) (%)
    Chloride (%)
    Lead (Pb) (%)
    Chromium (Cr) (%)
    Sodium (Na) (%)
    Ammonia (NH4) (%)
    Silicon (Si) (%)
    Cadmium (Cd) (%)
    Solid: 25KG composite bag; Solution: IBC drum;
    Airtight storage, avoid moisture, fire, not mixed with oxidant.
    1. Catalyst diesel exhaust purifying diesel engine exhaust after combustion in a diesel spray, contains harmful substances carbon monoxide, carbon particles, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and many pollute the atmosphere, the diesel exhaust gas purification Catalyst can use these harmful substances catalytic decomposition, emission into harmless substances. Currently used cordierite honeycomb ceramic carrier, Baptist Ze vanadyl oxalate main material of Catalyst, and then after treatment, the formation of solid Catalyst, exhaust flows through the use of a catalyst layer, the harmful diesel exhaust emissions into harmless reach State four and five national emission standard indicators.
    2. SCR denitration
    China's energy structure dominated by coal, nitrogen oxides produced by burning coal is one of the major sources of air pollution caused by the use of low NOx combustion technology has been unable to meet the emission standards, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) DeNOx efficiency can be up to 90 % or more, the technology is by a reducing agent (e.g. NH3) at a suitable temperature and conditional Catalyst exist, the nitrogen oxides (NOX) is converted to nitrogen and water naturally contained in the air, Catalyst vanadyl oxalate solution with In WO3, TiO2, etc. immobilized on a carrier after treatment produced.Vanadyl oxalate is also widely used in DeNOx Catalyst regeneration.
    3. Vanadyl oxalate s also widely used in the synthesis of organic chemical products, in addition to making Chemical Reagent, but also for the preparation of high purity vanadium compounds, nano-materials, glazes, plating materials and preparation of high-energy lithium vanadium phosphate battery material.
    Structural formula :
    硫酸氧釩 27774-13-6